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The Hacker Morning Show | Weekdays 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.


The Hacker Morning Show is a four hour show that consists of Tommy the Hacker, Angel Dee, LJ and Chino.

Tommy The Hacker ­Born in Hollywood, California, but grew up in Denver. After driving the
station van around town for 2 years he was finally given opportunity to live out his childhood
dream and have his own night­show! He worked his way having the #1 night­show in multiple
markets. After working nights for 15 years, he decided he needed a change and wanted to have
his own morning show in hopes to being national. He works with some awesome people and
has some of the best listeners in the world. He is truly blessed to be living his childhood dream!

Angel Dee ­ Grew up in a small country town called Spade, Texas. She Graduated with a major
in Mass Communication, then was given her first crack at the mic in 2001 for a Tejano station.
She worked at several different radio stations until she finally found where she fit in, that was
with Tommy on the Hacker Morning Show! She is very passionate with her job, and has a
instant connection with the “mom” listeners! We are excited to have her as part of “The Hacker Morning Show!”
LJ ­ Has always wanted to entertain and help people laugh when they are having a bad day.
After serving in the Army, he became a State Trooper. That’s when he was inspired to go into
radio by a few other DJs. Wolfman Jack, Jesse Torres, and Tommy the Hacker. As a kid he was
very quiet and shy. After high school I really came out of my shell and opened up to the world
and all it has to offer. He now lives life like it’s a never­ending party!
Chino ­ A professional celebrity groupie that loves to travel to meet famous people. Anything
you can think of or want, he sells out of the back of his truck. He is currently living his dream
going from class clown to morning show stunt guy!