Goodbye Fresh Filtered Water! Hello Raw Water! Yum..

The newest latest trending: Raw Water!

Brands like Live Water that are not only selling out, but are announcing a price increase.
The cost of a 2.5-gallon jug reportedly went up from $37 to $61.

Members are taking up the unrefined drink due to both concern for the quality of tap water and the perceived benefits of drinking water in a natural state. Raw water enthusiasts are wary of the potential for contaminants in municipal water, such as traces of unfilterable pharmaceuticals and lead from plumbing. Some are concerned by harmless additives in tap water, such as disinfectants and fluoride, which effectively reduces tooth decay. Moreover, many believe that drinking “living” water that’s organically laden with minerals, bacteria, and other “natural” compounds has health benefits, such as boosting “energy” and “peacefulness.”


Although raw water consumers think they’re getting health benefits, there is actually no scientific proof to back that up.