People are celebrating Lunar New Year by dressing up their dogs


Friday is Lunar New Year, and people are ringing the Year of the Dog by celebrating their pups.

Each lunar year is based on one of the 12 Zodiac signs. In celebrating 2018’s Year of the Dog, people are dressing up their pets for the most precious photoshoots. 

It’s the year of the dog and these two doggies wIsh you joy prosperity and success this New Years 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy #ChineseNewYear 
#YearOfTheDog #chinese #happynewyear #newyear #abc7eyewitness #HappyChineseNewYear

— LouLou & Gipper (@LoulouHoltz) February 16, 2018 Read more…

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Chill out on the beach with this portable air conditioner


Coolala‘ is a portable solar-powered air conditioner that can cool you down in any environment. Read more…

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3 of 4 kids who’ve died from flu this year weren’t vaccinated, say federal doctors


Of the 63 American children killed by the flu virus so far this season, just 13 had been vaccinated. 

Top government doctors — including the Surgeon General, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and acting head of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — found this lack of vaccination so alarming that late Thursday afternoon they offered a joint briefing on the matter.

“Getting the flu shot is the same kind of sensible precaution as buckling your seatbelt,” said Health Secretary Alex Azar.

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If you’re not following Adam Rippon on Twitter during the Winter Olympics, you’re doing it wrong


Fun fact: Adam Rippon is good at figure skating.

Another fun fact: Adam Rippon is also good at tweeting. Like, VERY good at it. Like, make-Twitter-an-Olympic-sport-then-give-Adam-a-gold-medal levels of good at tweeting.

Since he arrived at Pyeongchang, Rippon — a.k.a America’s sweetheart — has been tweeting up a storm.

And while other people have been sending out Bad Tweets about the Olympics (*cough* Bari Weiss *cough*), Rippon has been tweeting dispatches from his Olympic journey, as well as sending out support to some of his fellow competitors, with a flair and a panache that has been, quite frankly addicting.  Read more…

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Determined woman accompanies bags into x-ray machine


Having personal items checked by an x-ray conveyor belt is a necessary hindrance that no one really enjoys. One woman at the Dongguan Railway Station in China, however, felt particularly strongly about having to give up her bags to the security machine and decided to crawl right in there after them.

Needless to say, the images are quite interesting, looking like something straight out of a Stranger Things episode

The video also shows the woman climbing out of the security machine. According to the PearVideo post, she wanted to protect her bags from theft.

Per BBC News, no one really knows why this woman was so insistent on accompanying her bags, but during the Lunar New Year rush, many people travel with large amounts of cash.  Read more…

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