Apparently, There’s Now A Bow Wow And Chris Brown Beef

Despite announcing his retirement from rap in August 2016, Bow Wow has chosen to pick up the mic in 2018 for his first hip-hop return in nearly a decade.

With Mr. Shad Moss’ hip-hop homecoming, though, he’s bringing some choice words for (who fans assume to be) his longtime friend and R&B icon Chris Brown regarding a fallout between them. The only problem is that Breezy has no clue what he’s talking about.

In Bow’s new track, titled “Drunk Off Ciroc,” he reveals that he and the Virgina-bred singer hadn’t spoken since the unpublicized tension. Name drops and all, Bow reasons with Chris that he wishes the two could squash the beef and move forward.

“I skipped a show just so I could see you Chris,” he raps. “Day ones, me and you been through a lot of sh**/ No matter what you gonna always be my little brother/ And it kill me when we in public and we ain’t speaking to each other/ This shit crazy/ Oh my fault, Brown, this sh** brazy/ We grown men, let’s turn this sh** around.”

However, when popular gossip site The Shade Room reposted the song and a snippet of the verse to Instagram, Breezy dropped by with some question marks floating around his head.

“IM CONFUSED,” he wrote in the comments. “…U good bro?”

Bow hasn’t yet answered Breezy’s lingering question, which many fans are also expecting a response to. But we’ll let you hear what’s been on Bow’s mind in the meantime.

Video Surfaces Of Tory Lanez And Travis Scott In An Argument

The war of words between Toronto R&B-hip-hop artist Tory Lanez and Houston rap star Travis Scott almost turned into physical warfare according to a video that recently hit the internet.

In the video, both artists stand chest to chest in a heated exchange. The room appears to be filled with their respective entourages as someone films the altercation from an angle. There isn’t much context in the beginning of the video, but viewers can hear Tory’s voice loud and clear.

“Days before that, I tweeted and said, ‘My n***a, you a legend for making this song,’” Tory said. He had been referring to a tweet that dug up the hatchet between the men in 2016.  The “Say It” artist responded to La Flame fans who accused him of jacking Travis’s flow for his assist on Meek Mill’s “Litty” record. Tory brought his defense to Twitter, responding to fans that he “can’t sound like somebody [he] wrote for….” in the now-deleted tweet.

A few seconds later in the video, the men are no longer visible in the camera, but Tory can still be heard defending himself for the tweet. He didn’t apologize for his words, but said that he was only responding to fans accusing him of sounding like La Flame. Travis still sounds ticked off about it, and Tory eventually asks everyone in the room to leave so that they can “shoot the fade.” After all, he says, he doesn’t appreciate how Travis handled the situation by coming at him so aggressively.

The video cuts off soon afterward. However, we’re happy to learn from Tory’s “Hate to Say” track of his newly-released Memories Don’t Die sophomore album that things never actually got physical.

“Me and Travis Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna/ We both agreed shortly after that it was music,” he says on the track. “We possibly could be doin’ that’s bigger than tryna ruin it/ So my apologies, n***a, just forgive me for doin’ it.”

According to Genius, Tory explained the lines and said that the men had a disagreement over something, but doesn’t specify the exact details. He said that they almost fought, but it never happened. In hindsight, Tory realized that he “egged on the fight a little too much,” and was actually apologizing to the “Goosebumps” emcee for that. Thankfully, they both were able to patch things up with no violence, Tory said, and decided to work together later on in the future.  

Grown man tings, for sure.

See the altercation referenced on “Hate to Say” below.

Bad Boy Records Artist Craig Mack Passes Away At 46

According to several reports and close friends, flagship Bad Boy Records’ rap artist Craig Mack passed away on Monday (March 12) at 46-years-old.

New York Daily News states that the “Flava In Ya Ear” star succumbed to complications with heart failure at a hospital near his home in South Carolina. Longtime industry friend Alvin Toney, who also produced works of Mack’s like his Project: Funk Da World debut album, confirmed the news as well.

“God bless my friend,” he reportedly said. “He was a good friend of mine.”

NY Daily News reports that Toney said Mack mentioned being ill during their last visit together, and knew that he didn’t have much time left.

“He was prepared for whatever comes, to go home to the Lord,” Toney said. “He was prepared to do that. He wasn’t scared. He was ready.”

BET sends its deepest condolences, comfort, and prayers to the family and friends of Craig Mack as we remember his legacy.

Fans Are Convinced Fetty Wap Is On Drugs After This Photo

New Jersey rap star Fetty Wap has been laying low for some time while taking on new fatherhood and new music.

When he posted an up-close shot of himself to Instagram with an unidentifiable substance around his nose, however, fans raised suspicion of a new dangerous habit he might be picking up as well.

In the picture, there appears to be a white circle of powder around his nose, which fans reminded is a tell-tale indicator of cocaine use for many celebrities. Comments began piling up on the post suggesting that Fetty’s been using the elite drug of choice. But let Mr. 1738 remind you that he’s only got two guilty pleasures of choice, and coke isn’t one of them.

“Y’all funny af I don’t roll like that,” he wrote in response to the fans. “I ain’t deleting sh** cause everybody who [knows] me know I don’t play those games…I smoke big weed [and] I drink Hennessy nothin less or more.”

Welp—you all heard the man.

See the photo in question and Fetty’s clarification below. 

This ‘Singer’ Dropped A Song About A Chris Brown Assault

Aspiring singers and rappers are practically growing on trees these days, and Liziane Gutierrez, a woman who accused Chris Brown of attacking her in his hotel room back in 2016, is the latest to branch off a music career from the alleged incident with the R&B crooner. 

TMZ obtained a clip of a new record she recorded in light of her accusations, which were reportedly settled in court September 2017. According to the site, Gutierrez walked away with $70,000, but other sources claimed a much lesser amount. Nonetheless, the originally reported 70 racks served as the inspiration behind Gutierrez’s track, “Seventy Grand.”

“Thanks for the settlement, thanks for the check, 70 grand in case you forget,” she sings on the record. She doesn’t directly call Breezy out in the lyrics, but the stark comparisons to the 2016 incident in the verse and chorus are more than telling of the shots aimed toward him.

“I’m about to have a party and it’s all on you/ and it’s all on you,” she sings. “I’m about to go shopping, and it’s all on you/ And it’s all on you.”

Gutierrez also hints at Breezy’s alleged drug abuse, suggesting that it led to his violent reaction toward her. None of those claims actually held up in court, though. In fact, police had never even pinned any charges against the Heartbreak on a Full Moon artist amid her accusations. Apparently, that didn’t stop her from throwing the claims into the track still.

“What is that you’ve been smoking?” she sings. “Does everybody know that you been getting high, getting high? I guess that’s why you wanna fight. I end up with a black eye/Something about you ain’t right/And then you wanna say that I lied.”

Chris hasn’t responded to the song yet. But if he does, it might echo the same sentiments from the 2016 video that he posted in response to her allegations. Listen to a snippet from the “Seventy Grand” single and Chris’s words for her that are likely still standing two years later.