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No matter how technologically advanced we get, kids still love fart noises

While kids of yesteryear would’ve relied on whoopie cushions, armpits, or maybe even putty for their fart noises, children these days have apps. As Jimmy Kimmel found out on Thursday, these apps are hot with the younger set these days, and they’re aficionados for certain kinds of sounds.  Even Kimmel …

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The apocalypse scene from ‘American Horror Story’ will make you scared of your phone

I haven’t been this scared of my phone since Drew Barrymore picked up the line in Scream. Last night’s premiere episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse depicted the end of days in a pretty standard fashion—lots of screaming, running, crying, etc. But one cellular detail brought the campy series’ take …

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Geoffrey Owens lands TV roles, after being job shamed

The indefensible job shaming of The Cosby Show mainstay Geoffrey Owens was undoubtedly going to bring the best out of the entertainment world. After a bit of time deliberating on offers, Owens is taking up a role as Commander Adams on NCIS: New Orleans, according to Entertainment Weekly.  SEE ALSO: …

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Bob Woodward’s Trump book is bad, boring, and bogus

There is a great narrative to be written, a first draft of the history of the Trump administration and the long national nightmare it is making us suffer through. Unfortunately, Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward isn’t it.  Having slogged through Michael Wolff’s gossipy Fire and Fury …

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