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Jimmy Kimmel finally responds to Trump’s bizarre rally rant — with a fact check

Jimmy Kimmel has been pretty quiet about Donald Trump’s recent vendetta against late night show hosts. During a rally for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Trump called Stephen Colbert a “low life,” Jimmy Fallon a “lost soul,” and Kimmel “terrible.” But unlike Colbert and Fallon, Kimmel had yet to respond.  Now …

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Someone gave Captain America Billy Eichner’s voice and Chris Evans loves it

Imagine if Captain America had an inner monologue that sounded exactly like comedian Billy Eichner?  That’s what one admittedly tired Twitter user has realized, overlaying a scene from Captain America: Civil War with the frenzied sounds of a bit from Eichner’s yelling-fueled Billy on the Street.  SEE ALSO: Chris Evans …

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How to watch the historic Thanos-inspired Reddit ban

Mild spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below. Something huge is happening in a tiny part of Reddit today. And we don’t feel so good. The popular subreddit Thanos Did Nothing Wrong, which obsesses over the destruction of half the Marvel universe in the final act of Avengers: Infinity War, is …

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Game show to pay off student loan is proof we live in a ‘Hunger Games’ dystopia

You know that dystopia in which income inequality is so extreme that society invents a game show that forces the less wealthy people to fight one other for survival? Nope, not The Hunger Games. We’re talking about good, old, real-life America in 2018. You know, where unchecked capitalist greed has …

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Peep these fresh ‘Game of Thrones’ sneakers that we need right now

Sure, the phrase “Game of Thrones sneakers” doesn’t make any ostensible sense as a marketing tie-in, but now that we know it’s a possibility, we need them!  The popular sneaker insider Twitter Yeezy Mafia recently posted photos of Game of Thrones-themed sneakers, and while they aren’t expected out until 2019, …

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