Trump plans new sanctions on Venezuela’s ‘Petro’ cryptocurrency


Last month, the Venezuelan government launched Petro, the world’s first state-issued cryptocurrency, in hopes of boosting its struggling economy and circumventing U.S. and European sanctions.

The Trump administration, however, isn’t buying into the country’s new digital currency, which has been called “snake oil” by some financial experts.

Donald Trump is reportedly planning to impose additional sanctions on Venezuela restricting the use of Petro for U.S. financial transactions, according to McClatchy.

The report claims the new, tougher sanctions could go into effect as early as Monday after Trump signs an executive order. Read more…

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Want to spot ‘Steve’ the aurora? Here’s how to do it


There’s a never-before-studied aurora gracing night skies around the world, and NASA wants you to try to spot it.

The newfound aurora, named Steve (short for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement), looks like a purple light with some green features. 

Scientists think that Steve likely appears when charged plasma from the sun hits the Earth’s magnetic field in a certain way, according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances.  

Citizen scientists helped discover Steve, but more observations in the future could help researchers figure out exactly how and when it forms.  Read more…

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What you learn by giving 200 Senate speeches on climate change


Every week the Senate has been in session since April 2012, one lonely Democratic senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse, has taken to the Senate floor to speak about global warming. On March 13, Senator Whitehouse gave his 200th “It’s Time to Wake Up” speech on climate change. 

The speech was atypical for Whitehouse, who has grown accustomed to the unsettling feeling of standing virtually alone on the Senate floor while speaking about a topic that he believes is of the utmost importance. 

“It’s a very hollow feeling. If you believe that this is a matter of such consequence and that it’s going to hit your home state so hard that you are going to put in this kind of an effort, then to have it be in an empty chamber, it’s a little disconcerting,” he said in an interview, regarding most of his speeches. Read more…

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SMH: Azealia Banks Has A Message For Cardi B Amid Pregnancy

Cardi B’s reported (but still unconfirmed) pregnancy with fiancé and Migos rap star Offset is the talk of the town with Coachella right around the corner, Cardi’s first major music fest performance of the year.

Harlem femcee Azealia Banks is joining the buzz as well, and with a message to Bartier Cardi that could either be one of two things: sarcastic or sincere.

Azealia took to her Instagram story to acknowledge the alleged pregnancy, hinting at a supposed truce.

“Wooooow sis,” she wrote, tagging Cardi on the Instagram story post. “Congrats on your pregnancy!! Now I can’t hate on you anymore because you’re someone’s mom!”

She penned the message with a “sincere congratulations,” which might still rub the Bardi Gang the wrong way when taking the Ice Princess’s previous sentiments on Cardi into consideration. Back in September, she gave Cardi and her fans a mouthful of shade, accusing the “Bodak Yellow” star of ghostwriting and dubbing her a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj.” This came after she scorned Charlamagne Tha God and other members of the media for rooting behind the Afro-Latina Bronx-native whom Azealia doesn’t consider an actual Black woman, but a “spicy Latina.”

The world may never know if the “212” artist will ever be ready to make amends with Cardi. But, if her message happens to come from a genuine place, it’s one foot in the right direction.

Decide whether Azealia’s shaming, shading or shouting out Bardi in the post below.  

Safaree Reveals When He Witnessed Nicki Minaj Kiss Nas

The epic “Right By My Side” music video kiss between Young Money femcee Nicki Minaj and her fellow Queens-bred rap icon Nas, who would turn out to be her future rumored boyfriend, left some fans swooning and others suspicious of a love thing between the two artists.

Nicki’s then-boyfriend Safaree turned out to be the latter after he revealed to hosts of Easily Offended that not only was he hurt by it, but never saw it coming while he was on set for the video. Not that he could have either, considering that he said it went down behind his back, too.

The “Hunnid” rapper sat down with the podcast’s trio to discuss the steamy moment between his former fiancée and Escobar.

“You want to know what’s so crazy?” he asked. “I didn’t know it happened until the video came out…. I ain’t gonna lie— I was hurt.”

Safaree said he was on set for the video shoot the entire day, and the kiss must have happened the minute he stepped out for about an hour. He said that afterward, when the video had already premiered, she mentioned it slightly. However, he didn’t seem to know that the situation she was referring to went to such an extent.

Even though he still seems to be bothered by it years later, hopefully Safaree is continuing to move forward in his career sans Nicki controversies.

Listen to his recollection of the Nas and Nicki smooch below.