’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 bites off way more than it can chew


13 Reasons Why is not a show that shies away from controversial subjects. Even the mixed responses to Season 1 – from television critics to mental health experts to scientific research – undeniably created conversation. Season 2 is so chock-full of sensitive, buzzy subjects that it seems the showrunners took it upon themselves to address every social issue possible – and in the process, missed the mark on most of them.

Season 2 finds Hannah’s (Katherine Langford) peers at Liberty High School trying to move past her death by suicide, and the tapes she left behind addressing a dozen of them and one teacher. The problem is that the tapes are apparently only the tip of the iceberg, and Season 2 reveals huge chapters of Hannah’s life – all involving the people on the tapes – that were never even hinted at previously. Meanwhile, the Bakers (Kate Walsh and Brian D’arcy James) are embroiled in a nasty law suit against the school district that calls many of the students to testify; Season 1 was tapes, and Season 2 is testimony. Read more…

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