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Xzibit Pays Off $233K in Back Taxes, Shows Off Receipt

Xzibit is no longer on Uncle Sam’s list of entertainers who owe him dough. The rapper born Alvin Joiner paid off $233,000 in back taxes.  The “B*tch Please” rapper showed off his receipt on Instagram so that we know it’s real. He also made it a cautionary tale which too …

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Facebook confirms it’s building an internet satellite

It looks like Facebook is indeed building an internet satellite.  The social network is working on a new satellite project that will provide broadband internet connections to “unserved and underserved areas,” according to FCC documents uncovered by Wired. SEE ALSO: The call to break up Facebook’s ‘monopoly’ is getting louder …

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Facebook suspends yet another analytics company

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Facebook allows a third-party analytics company access to user data, conducts poor oversight of said company, and then is caught flat-footed when asked about the situation by a journalist.  Yeah, it’s happened again. And no, you’re not crazy for getting that Cambridge …

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Uber drivers can get unemployment benefits, rules New York State

Uber drivers just won a major legal battle against their employer. Following a huge win last year when the New York Department of Labor ruled all ride-sharing drivers are considered employees, the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board last week decided that they could begin filing for unemployment benefits. This is a …

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